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Pandemic Reopening Plan

July 1, 2020

The Covid-19 virus continues to present significant risks to the health of all persons. Our firm is committed to mitigating the risk to all persons with whom any of our personnel comes in contact as well as to ourselves. In order to mitigate this risk, we consistently follow the following practices and expect all persons coming to our office
also to follow them:
1. When personal interactions occur outside our offices, we take precautions by practicing social distancing, frequent hand washing, avoiding clear and present risks, and conservatively following applicable government health related guidelines.
2. Within our office, the following practices are in place, and we expect our staff, clients, and anyone else who enters our office to comply with them.

Covid-19 Related Practices
1. We need to know whether anyone who comes into our office is contagious or likely to be contagious. Please advise us if you have any reason through test results or symptoms or close contact with anyone exposed to the virus to believe that you might be at risk of spreading the virus so that we can reschedule the appointment if necessary. We represent to all our visitors that no one on our staff has any reason to believe that she or he has or has been exposed to the virus.
2. We provide staff and clients with hand sanitizer, and we offer disposable masks to anyone who does not have one.
3. All attorneys and staff wear masks and avoid all physical contact when interacting with clients and each other, within 6 feet (e.g. no handshakes or hugs).
4. The conference room is disinfected before and after each meeting and common areas are disinfected regularly.
5. Clients are seated in the conference room immediately so that no one is congregating in the waiting room.
6. Visitors are requested to call before arriving at the office to ensure that they can be seated immediately upon arrival in the office.
7. We need to confirm the number of people attending the meeting and encourage only the client to enter our office.
8. We maintain the appropriate distance between clients and attorneys/staff to the maximum extent feasible in our office.
9. We do not offer any food or drink that is not bottled or packaged.
10. We request that clients provide relevant documents prior to the meeting and not bring documents with them to be reviewed, unless it is necessary to do so.
11. We do not share pens. We will provide each person with a clean pen for signing documents.
12. We do not schedule back-to-back appointments without some time in between. This will prevent clients from coming into contact with one another, and allow some time to disinfect our office.
13. We are conscious of the communication challenges face masks and social distancing may cause for clients with hearing loss. We are prepared to make accommodations to overcome these challenges.
14. We expect clients and colleagues to observe these procedures so that all of us can remain Covid-19 free. We will continue to observe these safety procedures as long as there is any substantial risk of widespread Covid-19 contagion.

Our practice areas include elder law, estate planning, financial management, tax compliance, fiduciary law, business and non-profit law.

Quinn, Racusin & Gazzola Chartered, has provided local representation to clients in the Greater Washington area since 1982. We assist clients who are starting or building a business, or managing complex organizations both for profit and nonprofit. Within our elder law practice, we assist clients in implementing  their personal care and financial plans. Our partners have attained an AV rating by Martindale-Hubbell, the highest rating available for legal ability and ethics. We understand our clients concerns and needs, and represent them competently and compassionately.

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